Wednesday, August 22, 2007


S and me are no longer; I guess I jumped the gun giving him a letter because he wont be using it any longer.

We got in a stupid argument about stupid things, he says he can't see an end to this situation were in (between dating and being friends) and accused me of not caring, I guess I can't really blame him I suppose I never really did anything to show him I cared, I know I did though but that doesn’t matter anymore. It's over and done with. We aren’t even friends anymore.

After the tears from S passed I realized that I was young, beautiful and horny and there are plenty of men out there to take care of this. So I called up an old friend, I guess since this kind of call happens often this friend deserves a letter... hmm O I think is appropriate... seeing as that’s the only noise I make when I see him. So I called O and he said he was working until 2 a.m. and jokingly suggested that he come here after work and crawl into my bed. I was so up for this it wasn't even funny! (I'm a night owl and usually up until 5:30a.m. as it is)

I sat down for the night and had some tasty dinner of pita pizzas and mid way decided I was too horny to wait until 2 or so and went upstairs to figure something out. I got into the shower and turned on the water. It was to hot and the whole bathroom steamed immediately. I turned down the heat and got in and let the water soak my body, after I was good and wet I took the shower head down, turned it upside down and placed it between my legs. It felt SO good I almost fell over. I placed one hand on the wall while the other held the showerhead. I didn’t have mercy on my writhing quivering body until I had cum about three times. IT WAS GREAT.

So after a good hour or so in the shower I decided it was time to get down to real work. I finished my cold dinner and did my make up... then came the real task, doing my hair. I have ALOT of hair and just to blow-dry and straighten my hair takes 3 hours, but tonight was a special night and I wanted to triple barrel my hair. (It gives this cool wavy look) and it takes 4 and a half hours to do!

Lets skip to when my hair was done... I waited until about 3 for O to get there and he let himself in and up to my bedroom. I was half asleep and didn't really realize anyone was cuddled in my bed until he started to kiss my neck and run his fingers up and down my body. I rolled over to face him and he grabbed the hair at the back of my neck and pulled my lips to his and kissed me long and hard. I pushed my fingers against his hard body and ran them down to the edge of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He took his fingers from my hair and slid them into my pants and firmly grasped my ass. I ran my hands down his body and traced between his abs. He slid his fingers down my leg and back up slipping them between the lips of my pussy.
And this is where I leave you for today:) hope you’re all hot and heavy and ready to go for my next post :)

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